Download The Disappearance of Alice 2009 Creed Movie
Genre:Crime, Thriller
Director: J Blakeson
Writer: J Blakeson
Stars: Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston

Download The Disappearance of Alice 2009 Creed Movie

The Disappearance of Alice is latest thriller and crime based movie directed and written by J Blakeson. The star cast of the film comprises of Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston. It was made with the budget of $800,000 and it earned £142,324 (UK) in UK and $166,980 in USA.It releases date was 30 April 2010. CinemaNX and Isle of Man Film are the production organizations.Movie watchers can download movies free from our website in various niches with high definition quality prints.

Alice Creed is a young girl who is kidnapped by two criminals Vic and Danny.They took her to an apartment and takes all precautions,so that she is not able to escape.They don’t want any risk to get arrested.Why they kidnapped her? What they want? Will Alice be able to spoil their plan? Alice starts playing drama with them in which both of them gets trapped.