Bowfinger 1999

Director: Frank Oz
Writer: Steve Martin
Stars: Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham

Bowfinger is a Hollywood comedy movie featuring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and Heather Graham.Frank Oz is the director and story is written by Steve Martin.In USA,it was released on 13 August 1999 by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment with the estimated budget of $55,000,000.It is filmed in California, USA.

Bobby Bowfinger is the owner of Hollywood production company called Bowfinger International Pictures.He is 49 years old.His current net worth is virtually zero as the production has not made any movie yet.He has only $2,184 in his account,which he has collected since his childhood to produce a movie. His accountant Afrim,writes a story for a movie based on sci fi niche and Bobby is very much impressed by the story and thinks that this story will change the fortune of the production and will won Oscar for sure.Few people supports Bobby and agrees to work in the movie including Daisy the lead actress.Daisy has just arrived in city to make it big in the Hollywood cinema.

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