The Dark Knight 2008

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Stars: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart

The Dark Knight is a Batman action,crime and Drama movie featuring Christian Bale in the lead role of Batman along with Joker as Heath Ledger.Other supporting roles are played by Aaron Eckhart,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Gary Oldman,Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine,Christopher Nolan is the director and story is written by Christopher Nolan along with Jonathan Nolan.It was released on 18 July 2008 in USA and is also known as Batman Begins 2.It is a sequel to the 2005 batman movie known as Batman Begins.Estimated budget cost for the movie is $185,000,000.

Story of the movie follows few years later than the Batman Begins.The gotham city is under the protection of Batman along with Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent.They have managed to get the city free from any kind of crime,until Joker appears on the streets of city and chaos are rendered everywhere.Batman find it very dificult to find joker and he needs to enhance his technology in order to do so.Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes are also gets into a love triangle in the story.

Emma Thomas and Charles Roven are the producers of the film.Music is composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.You can watch or download The Dark Knight 2008 full movie from our website along with other full movies free download from Hollywood cinema without any premium movie membership charges.