The Shape of Things to Come 1979 movie download

Genre:Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: George McCowan
Writers: Mike Cheda, Joseph Glazner
Stars: Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Barry Morse

The Shape of Things to Come is Hollywood Adventure,Sci fi and Thriller movie directed by George McCowan. Screenplay is written by Mike Cheda and Joseph Glazner. Main actors of the film are Jack Palance, Carol Lynley and Barry Morse.Movie was released in August 1979 in USA by CFI Investments and SOTTC Film Productions Ltd.Estimated budget for the film was CAD 3,200,000.

Earth has been devastated and Humans left has colonized on Moon.For survival,Humans need anti-radiation drug which is only available on planet named Delta Three.This planet is under the control of Omus. Omus is a mad but brilliant mechanic who does not like human values. Omus wants to rule the Moon and send his robot army to capture the colonies on the moon.Dr. John Caball along with his son Jason and few other friends goes on mission to Delta Three planet to stop Omus.Download The Shape of Things to Come 1979 Full Movie or more sci fi free movie downloads from our website in HD 1080p blu ray quality.